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How can I use the air lift chair properly?

1, do not regularly adjust and rotating lift chair. Many people love to sit in the chair lift when moving, lifting, or repeatedly. These sit method is very dangerous, easy to cause pressure rod uneven force, for a long time, pressure lever will uneven wear and tear, forming explosive hidden trouble.
2, do not disassemble the lifting chair, especially the gas spring parts, if you need to repair, please find professionals. Some people think that the chairs are full of gas and are dangerous, so they disassemble and let out the gas. Appear on the Internet to disassemble the chair for the bleeding tutorial, consumers must not follow, so as not to appear dangerous. Many of the information on the Internet is not authoritative, ordinary consumers due to lack of expertise, it is easy to occur in the course of accidents. If there is a problem with the air lift, you must ask the professional maintenance personnel to repair it.
3, regular inspection and maintenance of lifting chairs, if the regulation is not smooth or other abnormalities, it is recommended to suspend use, and find professionals to repair. Any article has a normal life span. Every other period of time to check their chairs, lift chairs appear cracks, loose, or shake, should be promptly repaired and replaced, so as not to lead to tragedy.
4, in the use of lifting chair, do not often sit on the edge of the front of the chair, so as to avoid distortion of the chair by force.

How to choose a safe lift chair?

1, buy regular manufacturers of products.
Consumers in the purchase of such pressure lift chair, we must choose to mark the manufacturers of regular products of information. Do not covet the purchase of three – free products, otherwise, not only the quality can not be guaranteed, in the event of problems may also be adults. When purchasing, consumers should pay attention to check whether the product has qualified certificate, registered trademark, manufacturer name and address, etc.. [computer chair ten big brands]
2, choose the chair lift is too cheap.
According to insiders, the chair lift all the regular manufacturers sell, will issue a “test report”, the pressure rod has a certain risk factor for pneumatic lift, manufactured by gas of steel material and high purity, and the gas tight seal; at the upper end of the pressure rod, it is printed by the relevant State Department to make verification of the logo, and English write manufacturers, pressure rod type and prompt. In general, there will be explosions, lift chairs are used by regular manufacturers of poor quality gas rods.
3, in the purchase of lift chair, you can see on the chair or packing box whether there is a product of the qualified mark and the basis of conformity.
As the general pressure lift chair has a warranty period, when consumers buy, remember to ask the merchant for invoices, so as to avoid lack of credentials when safeguarding rights.
4, try.
When you buy, you can try to adjust the seat to see if it is smooth, it is recommended to choose a smooth lift chair.

Computer chair explosion of lift chair?! The office owners who sit lift chairs have to look

Computer chair explosion] lift chair computer chair explosion?! The office owners who sit lift chairs have to look
Computer chair explosion of lift chair?! The office owners who sit lift chairs have to look
I. kinds and characteristics of lift chairs
Literally, the lift chair is a chair whose seat height can be raised and lowered. It is generally divided into air pressure type, hydraulic type and mechanical type. At present, pneumatic chairs have a high share in the market. The adjustable function of the pneumatic lift chair is realized through the air spring component therein.
Pneumatic lift chair
Then, how does the air lift chair achieve the height adjustment function? Xiaobian explain here, gas spring is a kind of gas and liquid as the working medium, the elastic element can support, buffer, brake, adjust the height and angle adjusting function, the pressure tube, piston, piston rod and a plurality of connecting components. The working principle of pneumatic lifting chair is in the sealed cavity pressure of inert gas, such as nitrogen, the cavity pressure greater than atmospheric pressure, poor implementation of the movement of the piston rod by pressure, so as to achieve the effect of adjusting seat.
Hydraulic lifting chair
The hydraulic lifting chair is used for special occasions, such as hair chairs, etc. when in use, it is necessary to apply the driving force of the third users outside to realize the lifting function of the chair. The principle of hydraulic lifting mechanism, that is hydraulic jack. Because the hydraulic lift chair is expensive, the structure is relatively complex, and the height adjustment is not agile enough, it has a low market share in the domestic market.
Mechanical lift chair
The pneumatic lifting chair, and a mechanical lifting chair, the support seat is a solid steel threaded rod, when the computer chair needs to adjust the height, then make the chair down, will loosen the screw fixing bolt after adjustment after the screw on the screw.
Compared with the mechanical lift chair, the air pressure type lifting chair has the advantages of low cost and convenient use, so the market share is relatively large. But the air lift is less secure than mechanical. In recent years, the explosion accidents of lift chairs in our country are all pneumatic lift chairs.
Two. What causes the pressure lift to explode?
Generally speaking, the following two cases may lead to explosion: first, the air spring wall thickness uneven or pre pressure too large. Second, frequent high and low adjustment and rotation, leading to overheating explosion.
Normally, a pneumatic rod similar to a bicycle pump is filled with high purity inert gas, nitrogen. When sitting on a chair, even though the nitrogen is squeezed, the pressure increases, but it is still within the limit of the pressure expansion. No problem will occur. While some inferior pressure rod, there is often insufficient purity, nitrogen gas bar material prices and other issues, in the case of high temperature in summer or the seat of frequent lifting under pressure following pressure rod, extremely easy to cause the explosion. Some black manufacturers, in order to reduce costs, use free high-pressure air instead of inert gas, which is more likely to cause pressure bar explosion.
In addition, some consumers in the use of pneumatic lift chair when the wrong practices, there are security risks, such as sitting too hard, or often adjust the lifting handle.

Selection and collocation of ergonomic computer chairs

[ergonomic computer chair] ergonomic choice and collocation of computer chairs, computer chairs and home style match
Many people have the question: what kind of person do you want to buy? You don’t know what you want. Instead, look online and choose a chair. If so, then it is possible you should pay attention to: now the trend is what kind of love you, what kind of computer chair, for example, love what design style, what is the function of love, home decoration style is what kind of, the appearance and size of their home computer desk what is the.
1, pay attention to the computer chair and computer desk, home style collocation
Many people will consider buying new computer chairs and computer tables when they are newly decorated or getting married or buying furniture. If you don’t want to buy what kind of computer computer desk and chair, so in order to facilitate the computer desk and chair computer collocation, can consider to choose the computer chair, then computer desk.
Because there are many types of computer chairs, such as science and technology, warm family type, there are different materials, as well as different styles. But the computer table’s choice is relatively few. Of course, if you do not consider color, style collocation, things need to be simple, just look at what looks like, what material, what function, how the price will do.
If you choose a black computer chair, things will be easier, because black can match most color computer tables. Take the black and white computer chair as an example, the following black computer chair is simple and fashionable in style. It is suitable for both the family and the office, and is suitable for matching with a variety of computer tables. At the same time, this computer chair has the function of protecting the spine, and it is more comfortable to sit and lie.
If you want to choose cloth computer chair, it is simple and gentle, very suitable for family use. But do not worry about cleaning stains, because the detachable chair backrest. Also because the chair can be removed, if the summer feel hot, remove cloth back, you can feel a different refreshing. It not only has a typical comfortable and comfortable home, but also tired and sleepy. You can also take a nap in accordance with your favorite angle.
If you don’t like a chair with rotating function, you can also choose an arched computer chair. It adopts an internationally popular European fashion style, simple and comfortable, also suitable for family use.
2. Choose a computer chair that can protect your spine
White collar sitting for a long time, often prone to backache, and do not say, the key is to affect spinal health. You know, medicine believes that spinal fitness affects 1/3 of your life, so choose a computer chair and you need to be able to protect your spine.
Friends love leather chair classic business sense, in order to protect the spine more comfortable and convenient to rest, the computer chair not only adopts segmented thickened comfortable design on the backrest, and 155 degree super lay angle, can rest easy after yang.
3. Choose the material you like
Computer chair according to material classification, mainly divided into net chair, leather chair, cloth chair. People from different places have different needs, and different people have different preferences. Choose according to your own circumstances.
For example, it’s so hot in the south, so many southerners like net chairs. In addition, because the net chair has a stronger sense of fashion technology, many people love science, love net will chair; leather chairs, many business people prefer mature love; cloth chair, computer chair is a very popular internationally in recent years, white-collar workers by love comfort and exotic love.
4, about the price
High prices are usually better than lower prices, and the prices are too low and unscientific. For example, a lot of experienced people, usually choose the lowest price will be more than 500 yuan, 1000-2500 yuan is a lot of white-collar regular choice of price range. In this respect, everyone has his own choice, just don’t try to be cheap.
Family ergonomic computer chair how to choose, I believe that through the above share, we should have some harvest.

Computer chair price, computer chair which is good?

I. cushion. Good cushion cost is higher, the general computer chair is sponge cushion, therefore the businessman basically can make the article on the cushion. A good cushion is usually thick, and has a concave curve to fit the curve of the buttocks. It provides a good support and protection for the body, and gives you a comfortable sitting feeling. At present, the line of the market is a good choice of seats, comfortable sitting, but also conducive to heat dissipation.
Two, backrest. A computer chair also about the comfort and safety on the part of the back of the chair, very loose, even slight shaking can produce noise, this chair is not only easy to damage, sometimes there are security risks.
Three 、 lifting and turning lever. If you buy a chair, it must be on the spot on the chair do lifting movement of the test, in the process, feel the whole process is smooth, without loosing and sliding filament phenomenon. If the lift feels blocked, then this computer chair will have to be carefully chosen.
Four, other details. In the computer chair of other hidden parts and small details can not be ignored, such as found parts rough, even rusty, it must be inferior products.
Eight details of computer chairs
Computer chair purchase points: overall angle and support
First, the angle and surface of the back should be adjustable and have good support for the neck, back and waist.
The comfort of the back, neck and waist determines the fatigue of your chest, neck, and lumbar spine. Therefore, the science of chair design should have adjustable angle and the curvature of the back, and the rational design of the head pillow and cushion.
There are three physiological bends in the spine of a normal human body. They do not grow in a straight line due to physiological needs. The thoracic spine is convex back, the cervical spine and lumbar spine are convex forward. From the side view, the spine is like two S connections. Because of this physiological characteristics, the waist and back can not be placed in the same plane. Therefore, to achieve comfortable sitting position, the back of the chair should be designed to conform to the natural spine curve. The lordosis of the cervical spine and the lumbar spine and the kyphosis of the thoracic vertebrae can be maintained.
Therefore, the design of a reasonable chair for the back of the human body should have the following three major support points:
There is adjustable neck pillow at the head and neck to realize the support of the lordosis cervical vertebra.
The upper back is provided with an adjustable curved surface to realize the support of the kyphosis thoracic vertebra.
“The back waist with adjustable waist for lumbar lordosis support.
The overall support of the above three positions ensures that the user sits on the computer chair and sits upright, while maintaining the natural curve of the spine, avoiding the appearance of spinal deformation.
First, let’s take a look at the neck brace. The need for head and neck often back to relax the user, height and angle of the neck support decision you cervical fatigue, reasonable neck support should be adjusted at the height of the neck support neck spine section third to seventh to get the necessary support to the cervical vertebra, cervical spine effectively relieve fatigue. But because of his body, many fixed neck support is often in the position of the user needs, for comfort is a hindrance, therefore, if the seat has a neck support, its height, depth and pitch angle must be adjustable. It is worth noting that the neck holder is more susceptible to the body’s sweat oil than the rest of the work chair. Therefore, excellent products will be used to replace, replace, wash neck holder design, more humane and affinity.
Back on the back part of the design is the essence of a good seat back cushion, reasonable design should be able to make the whole by adjusting the curvature on the back of relaxing and comfortable fit on the back of a chair, let the back vertebrae can be relaxed, so as to relieve the fatigue of the back vertebrae, avoid backache feeling. The thickness of the back cushion should be suitable. Can not be too thin, too soft, so that can not play supporting role. Not too thick too hard, too thick may cause the body flexion, but too hard will made people uncomfortable. In the selection of the seat can straighten the upper body, close to the back of the chair, if a moment later still feel very comfortable, the thickness is suitable, if you feel back pain or fatigue, then this seat failed.
At the same time, the back of the chair should be of proper flexibility, capable of performing reversible twists and deformations within a certain range to accommodate frequent postural changes on the back of the user.

What brand of computer chair, good computer chair, which brand is good?

Work, study, or entertainment will be used when the computer, but improper sitting posture or inappropriate chair will make the body vulnerable to strain, resulting in periarthritis of shoulder, spinal problems, and so on. A good computer chair is scientifically designed to allow people to sit comfortably and healthily. Consumers in the choice, there will be a lot of doubt, what is a computer chair brand? Which brand is the computer chair good? Which regions of the computer chair brand are the most widely distributed? Where is the computer chair that produces better? What are the brands of computer chairs such as big brand, famous brand, provincial brand and so on? In order to give consumers provide a real computer chair Market and brands in accurate information industry, the following is CNPP to provide data support, computer chairs the ten brands list for your website statistics and relevant brand recommendation, for your reference.
Computer chair, what brand, good computer chair, ten big list
Ten brand computer chair bangzhongbang, office chair – chair – computer chair brand chart, what brand of good computer chair (2017)
1. constant forest chair industry
Founded in 1998, the large office chair development, manufacturers and exporters, industry standards drafting units, engaged in office chairs / sofas / massage chairs, such as R & D / production / sales enterprises, Zhejiang Heng Lin chair Limited by Share Ltd
2. forever art UE
Zhejiang famous trademark, Zhejiang famous brand product, high and new technology enterprise, office chair standard drafting unit, wing Yi furniture Limited by Share Ltd
3. Sinian AURORA
Originated in 1965 in Taiwan, in 1995 began operating in the mainland, specializing in providing a full range of office solutions services, Taiwan’s well-known listed companies, Sinian group
4.Lamex beautiful time
HNI group of America, the furniture industry in the United States has been highly respected brands, the famous office space solutions provider, Dongguan time Furniture Co., Ltd.
5. Roland DAKANG
In 1992, Zhejiang province famous brand, famous brand in Zhejiang Province, large-scale office furniture products production base, Roland Holdings Group Limited
6. Herman Miller HermanMiller
Computer chair ten brands, the seat / system / sustainability of medical and environmental aspects of top furniture brands, the main furniture and interior design firm, Herman Miller (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd.
7. friends ComfortSeating
Founded in 1996, Taiwan, Guangzhou famous trademark, large-scale high-end network chair production base, specializing in R & D, production and sale of high-end office chairs network chair group, Guangzhou Nansha economic and Technological Development Zone Friends Office Furniture Co., Ltd.
8. gang Okamura
Began in 1945, Japan, influential large-scale furniture production enterprises, providing an all-round international one-stop service, Shanghai Okamura furniture logistics equipment Co., Ltd.
9. Hongqiao RAINBOW
Founded in 1999, Guangdong famous brand, famous brand in Guangdong Province, professional R & D and production of large private enterprises in Foshan City, Hongqiao office chair, Furniture Co. Ltd.
10. Lianfeng LIANFENG
Zhejiang famous trademark, specializing in office chair R & D / design / production / sale of enterprises, high-end office chairs, well-known brands, An Jifu and Furniture Co., Ltd.
The well-known (famous) – computer office chair chair chair brand (2017)
The list of above data is automatically generated by dozens of data statistics calculation systems, and the sorting is not only in order, but only for your reference. My favorite brand voting
The well-known (famous) computer chair brand list 2017: brand + LOGIC Lizhi, containing ten people Steelcase computer chair, Europe and the United States, the Sunon, ONLEAD, Merryfair, Sihoo UB, Xi Hao furniture, Matsu, Youbi, Xidi world SIDIZ, BJTJ, and win the chair

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